Bhai Major Singh

To all the Sikh Sangat please accept my Gur fateh, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Khalsa ji first of all, I would like to thank you, you are all truly blessed by Akaal Purakh for doing this seva. I pray that these blessings are showered upon you forever so that you can continue to support all our Sikh brethren who are in prison. Now I'm going to tell you about myself, Khalsa ji, the fabricated case against me is section 20B TADA 1990 when I was only a 14 years old and studying in junior school. My education was abruptly stopped due to this conviction; therefore please accept my apology for any mistakes in this letter.

Khalsa Ji, my name is Major Singh, S/O Gurmej Singh S/O Vassan Singh, village of Marrori district Peelee Bheet (U.P.) Since my case my whole family including my mother, father and siblings have had to relocate to Amritsar.

Khalsa Ji, my conviction came at a time when the whole of Punjab was under indiscriminate persecution and the Punjab police was preying on the Sikh youth like a serpent. The state machinery was intent on eliminating the Sikh community. In these troubled times my household was harassed by the police as part of their indiscriminate campaign against Sikhs. One day a police patrol came to our house and abducted my grandfather Sardar Vassan Singh and paternal uncle Sardar Variaam Singh, accusing them of having links with Jujharoos, they did not stop here, the police also planted weapons at our house, they put a case on myself, my grandfather and my paternal uncle, when I was ONLY 14years old, I knew nothing of these allegations.

The police took my paternal uncle and looked him up in a toilet, such were the conditions where he could neither it nor stand. Around the 17/04/1990 the police took us in there jeeps and they severely tortured up my grandfather and paternal uncle. They took me into a holding cell and they threatened me that they will kill my mother, father and younger brother; they also would torture my paternal uncle and grandfather in front of me by drowning them in water. They would tie them up and leave them lying on the floor in the burning summer sun. This torture would continue for several days.

On 04/05/1990 we were thrown into Burail Jail on false charges. After nearly four years in Burail Jail our case came up at the TADA tribunal and based on falsified evidence provided by the Punjab police the tribunal ruled against us convicting us on charges under the TADA Act. After serving a further five years in Burail Jail, in 1999 we were transferred to Nabha Jail.

This is my story so far, since then I have been rotting in various Indian jails for the last 21+ years. Finally after all these years for good behavior in prison, I have been granted home visits for 28days every six months.

Sometimes, when I sit by myself I question what was my fault, what did I do to deserve this, was it only because I was born in a Sikh family?! What kind of law and justice is there in this country, where a 14 year old boy was subjected to degrading and inhumane treatment, and framed with such an abhorrent conviction such as TADA and thrown to rot and waste within the four walls of the jail for the rest of his life?!

For normal prisoners the life sentence means serving between 8-10years however for me there is no end in sight, and I am destined to be in here forever, as I have been for the last 21+ years. I don't know when Guru Sahib will bless me, and I will hear the news of my release from prison.

For a prisoner with an indefinite jail sentence, who can never think about his freedom from jail, "will everything ever be fine for me?!"

My only hope is with Dasam Patshah (10th Guru), that maybe one day, with his great blessing I will receive my release papers.

Alas Khalsa ji, I have spent a great amount of time in prison, but have only just met brothers like you. I have never had the opportunity to see or meet you, and even though you do not know us personally you are still helping us in humility. I have met many people in my life but not like you, other people have without helping first sung their praises to others.

I pray that Dasam Patshah (10th Guru) keeps you in Chardi Kalan (rising spirits).

Please forgive me I have said anything wrong.

Kind regards

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!