Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh

Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh was born in 7 Poh 1942 in village sikari in Hoshiarpur district. His father's name was S. Niranjan Singh & His mother's name was Chandan Kaur. He was younger of his four brothers.

Saka Paonta Sahib

1964, 11 Sikhs were gunned down at Paonta Sahib (Himachal Pradesh) by the Mahant's henchmen. The sangat of Poanta Sahib had requested head of Tarna Dal (not Nihal Singh, but the one before him) to visit the Gurdwara. They complained that the residing masand was abusing the Gurdwara premises through drinking, raping women that came alone, and making prostitutes dance inside. After several such requests Babaji decided to visit Poanta Sahib accompanied by 13 GurSikhs. They left, from Gurdwara Haria Welan Hoshiarpur, riding horses and horse drawn carts. When they arrived near Gurdwara Poanta Sahib, two GurSikhs carried Babaji's message for the masand requesting initiation of a Akhand Path at the Gurdwara. The masand did not give a definitive answer, instead assured to respond before the next morning. Meanwhile the masand confided with the local police chief, one of his corrupt friends who endorsed and permitted his evil acts.

Baba Ji started the Akhand Path next morning which proceeded uninterrupted for 2 days. On the 2nd day, the masand came with the police. They arrested Babaji who was outside at that time and fired at the GurSikhs inside, who were conducting the Akhand Path. The GurSikhs had no guns. For they had not come with the intent to fight, but rather to hear the sangat's concerns. As a result they were brutally massacred. Eleven died and two survived. As each Pathi was shot while reciting the Guru Granth Sahib, another simply pushed his body and continued the uninterrupted recitation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Nihal Singh, 21 at the time, continued with his choar sewa (even when he had been shot 3 times) until the last GurSikh was shot. As the Akhand Path was interrupted, Nihal Singh finally fell. The only survivor was the youngest GurSikh, a 11 year old, who was found hiding behind a nagara (drums). Besides him all others were presumed dead. It wasn't until the bodies were being loaded up in a cart that a small child saw Nihal Singh breath and informed the local sikhs. The local sikhs who had gathered by now, screamed to get him some medical attention. Fortunately they succeeded in their efforts. He received medical attention and survived with Vaaheguru's grace. He was subsequently honored by many Gurdwaras as "Jinda-Shaheed" (Living Martyr) Jathedar. The masand was finally removed. Akhand paths are held each year in the commemoration of this event.

Bibi Krishan Kaur Khalsa

1980 With the protection of Baba Nihal Singh, Krishan Kaur Khalsa was the first woman to perform kirtan, in recent time, within the confines of Sri Harimandir Sahib. Vikram Singh Khalsa was performing kirtan on the Gurupurab for the birthday for Guru Ram Das Ji. This kirtan was for a Bhog on the roof of the Harimandir Sahib -- not in the main hall. When he finished, he motioned for Krishna Kaur Khalsa to play. As she began some SGPC sevadars moved to stop her but Baba Nihal Singh and some other Nihungs stood in their way and protected her right to perform kirtan within the confines of the Harimandir Sahib. Still no Sikh woman has performed kirtan in the main darbar.

One More Saka

During 1984: Baba Nihal Singh was Right Hand Man of Sant Jarnail Singh, and had many gevious with the Indian Army's and Politians One Story i heard was that they; raided the camp and caught Baba Ji and his Singhs, and tied him upto a jeep and dragged him around the villages on a rope,tearing his skin apart and pains takenly broke his arms and legs. They tied his beard up with his "nala" from his kachera and beat him continuously. But baba ji , nver gave up.


Full page newspaper advertisements were taken in many Punjabi tabloids across North America, that attempted to discredit Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh of Panth Akali Tarna Dal, Missal Shaheedan. The allegations included:
That Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh was a "slave" of Parkash Badal
That Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh served langar to notorious Ajit Poohla in Jail.
That Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh was responsible for the chaos that occurred on the 400th anniversary of the Sirjana Divas of Sri Akal Takht Sahib.
That Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh requested Sri Akal Takht Sahib to excommunicate Simranjit Singh Mann.

Jathedar Responses to the controversies

(1) That Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh was a "slave" or supporter of Parkash Badal.

Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh: Panth Akali Taruna Dal, Missal Shaeedan is a religious and panthic organization, and it holds no affiliations with any particular individual or political entities. The Dal's main focus is Sikhi parchar, Amrit Sanchar, to maintain the sanctity and respect of Guru Granth Sahib Ji as our Guru and parchar of Bani and Bana. I have never supported, or promoted Parkash Sinh Badal or any other politician; nor do we lobby for votes for anyone. That is not the role of our Dal. It is easy to make such statements about anybody, but one has to know the facts first.

(2) That Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh served langar to Poohla in Jail.

Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh: First of all Poohla is not a Nihang Singh, he is a badmash (scoundrel) and a high ranking police officer whose group has committed crimes and killed many Singhs. He has harmed Tarna Dal more than any other organization. All Nihang Dals have openly stated this information many years ago. We have absolutetly no affiliations with this person. Why would we support such an evil man? If anyone can prove that I have provided him langar in Jail, then I will offer my neck to them to be cut off.

(3) That Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh was responsible for the chaos that occurred on the 400th anniversary of the Sirjana Divas of Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh: A grave mistake was made by those who created a ruckus on that day, and serious beadbi in presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji occurred due to the fighting between Mann's people and the SGPC. It was our duty to stand up for the sanctity of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. We did it out of respect of our Guru and not on orders of Badal or anyone else. It is every Sikh's duty to prevent such beadbi.

(4) That Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh requested Sri Akal Takht Sahib excommunicate Simranjit Singh Mann.

Jathedar Baba Nihal Singh: I never made such a request, if anyone can prove this then they need to show us the evidence. On the contrary, I cautioned the Takht Jathedars that serious beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji had occurred and this must be brought forth to the Sangat. In fact, I criticized the management of allowing politicians such as Parkash Badal and Kuldip Nayar to speak on this occasion while Simranjit Singh

Nihang Baba Nihal Singh is respected by all. This blog is not agaisnt Nihangs but respects soormeh like Baba Nihal Singh. Please do further research on this gurmukh. Baba Nihal Singh ji has done much more sangat of gursikhs and much more naam / bani abhiyaas then these wannab Nihangs. Niddar also slanders such gurmukhs as Baba Nihal singh (Nihang) , Sant Jarnail Singh(Dam Dama Taksal) and Bhai Randheer Singh (Akhand Kerrtani Jatha). All having darshan of the gurus, where as Niddar has only got his vidiya, and will lead us to a unhappy life.

Where as Niddar talks about these Gurmukhs who have done seva for the panth all there lives, and some of these Gurmukhs carry on doing the seva while we are asleep here.

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh