Bibi Gurmeet Kaur

Gobind Ram's atrocities came to light nationwide when he ordered the arrest of Bibi Gurmeet Kaur (wife of Bhai Mehal Singh Babbar). Bhai Mehal Singh Babbar was underground at the time.

On August 21, 1989, a van with tinted windows came and parked in front of the Parbhat Finance Company, Amritsar, where Bibi Gurmeet Kaur worked. Six armed men got out of the van and approached Bibi Gurmeet Kaur, ordering them to get in the van. When the Bibi Gurmeet Kaur demanded to know who they were, one man identified himself as Lakhwinder Lakha, ASI. He said that the police party had come from Batala police station and Bibi Gurmeet Kaur would have to come with him. When Bibi Gurmeet Kaur began to make a scene, the police threw her into the van. Bibi Gurmeet Kaur dastar was ripped off and used to tie her arms and her kirpan was also taken off.

The van arrived at the notorious Beco Torture Centre in Batala at 7pm. When Bibi Gurmeet Kaur went inside, she saw SSP Gobind Ram beating a Sikh youth with a rod. When he saw Bibi Gurmeet Kaur enter, he immediately came towards her. Gobind Ram threw Bibi Gurmeet Kaur to the ground and began to kick in the chest. The next torture to begin was the "ghotna" where a heavy log is rolled on the thighs with men standing on top, which results in ripped muscles.

Bibi Gurmeet Kaur was severely tortured for two days. Gobind Ram kept demanding to know where Bhai Mehal Singh Babbar was. But Bibi Gurmeet Kaur kept repeating that she did not know, but Gobind Ram was not satisfied. Bibi Gurmeet Kaur tortured until she fell unconscious. She was then revived and tortured again.

Bibi Gurmeet Kaur's right leg was paralysed. Bibi Gurmeet Kaur had been kept awake since their arrest. Someone was called from the outside to massage her limbs so they could regain some sensation again. But Bibi Gurmeet Kaur could not walk but was forced to do so.

News of all this reached the media and all political religious and social organizations condemned Gobind Ram's actions. When finally Bibi Gurmeet Kaur refused to hand over any Singh, she was threatened with being killed. By now, because the press had gotten wind of the arrest, she was indicted in a false case and sent to jail. After some time, Bibi Gurmeet Kaur was released.

Human Rights organizations condemned Gobind Ram for his brutal treatment of these two women. He claimed that no torture had occurred and both were kept in a "Guest House". KP Gill, the Director General of Punjab Police announced, "The reports against SSP Batala, Gobind Ram by members of Panchyats and Sarpanches (community leaders) were false. There is no truth in them. This was propaganda against the police officers. This was verified after investigations. There were such reports against other honest and hardworking police officers [as well]."

When no action was taken against Gobind Ram, and he continued to torture and maim at will, the Singhs took it upon themselves to finish this rabid dog. Gobind Ram was killed on January 10, 1990 in a massive bombing.