Bhai Ravinder Singh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

I was born in 1976, in the household of my respected mother Mata Kirsha Devi Ji and My Respected father Ram Chand Ji.

I bow with great respect and thanks to my great late grandmother Ram Kaur, because my grandmother had prayed in Gurdwara Alamgir Sahib, in guru's presence, that if the Guru blessed her with grandsons she would turn them into Sardar. The guru granted her wish, as I had already four sisters and one brother. My late father was Mona (cut hair), but with Guru's blessing we were born and we were made Sardar. I will say that even before my birth Guru Sahib blessed me with Sikhi even before I was born. My parents weren't rich, because of this I was studying in a government school. Our household was so poor; I used to sell kulfi ice cream/lollies in my area on a small table after coming home from school which my father would leave for me, and my father would sell ice lollies on a small hand cart around our area.

From childhood I have faced hardships. My father was old and to support him more I stopped my education after 8th grade, but my father would force me to study furthermore, so I took up a course repairing televisions, but in those days selling clothing was more profitable, so my father sent me to work with my cousin in a factory to learn the labour of hojari (metal worker), that's how I got a work contract. Then my father had a heart attack and further heart problems, so my mother decided to get me married, so I said yes. My mother and Father were old, so I decided to get married young. I wanted to serve my parents will, but my dream was to get married after setting up my own business first. So they decided to get me married into a Gursikh family. I took Amrit in 1994, so with guru sahibs blessings I got married to an un-wealthy, Gursikh family's daughter but fate had something else planned because after a few months of being married, my father passed away. Therefore all the family responsibility had fallen on me, to make things worse the metal rods work had became unprofitable. A few days later my brother in law died and my sister was childless, and because her husband was an only child and both parents had already passed away, my mother and younger brother decided to stay with my sister. Then my daughter was born, the family responsibility increased but business wasn't set so I had to face many problems. So my wife and I together at home started labour jobs making plastic bags. I also started working part time delivering milk in packets. This is how we both worked really hard and that's why our finances got better. We saved our money and bought an auto-rickshaw. In 2000 I had a son. With guru's blessing my financial situation got a lot better. I then also began to serve the community and preach Sikhi I made an organisation called 'Gur Shabad Parchar Mission' we started in our area and in Gurdwaras preaching Sikhi. But that only lasted a few days because all the members were from poor families and could not spare time to help. But I had a dream, which is still alive today; to help and serve the world with enthusiasm. With the Sangats help I started a children's organisation called 'Guru Ki Ladli Fauj' who would wear a special uniform, I would take them to Nagar Kirtans and other religious programs, where the children used to learn about Sikhi and get rewards. Then I would educate the children in our local Gurdwara or in my house about Sikhi, for example how to sit in the Gurdwara, how to serve your parents, how to live with your neighbours. That's how the parents of these young children started respecting me.

Then one day I found out about the disrespect to Guru Granth sahib Ji by Ashutosh and Bhanere wala. I then started taking part in the protests against these two, that's why the police started noticing me. In some places the police would confront us, for example when they fired on us in Malot. Then one day Sarse Wale imitated Guru Gobind Singh Ji, challenging the Sikh nation. My heart and my mind were deeply hurt. My protests weren't against any religion or anyone personally. The protests were because of the disrespect shown to everyone's Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The whole community should stand up against this disrespect, but it did not happen that way. The very people who were disrespecting SGGSJ were being protected by the police, therefore anyone who was against them were arrested and falsely charged and thrown into prison. The police took my business; the rickshaw, which is still locked up in the prison, as I've previously written I was the only one earning in my family. That's why my family is suffering so much.

My sisters and brother and other relatives have stopped helping me and have stopped supporting my family, furthermore things have become a lot more expensive. I was totally broken up, because the case number 302 and explosive act 307 TADA are very strong cases, if God frees me that's good, otherwise anything can happen they can even give me the death sentence in these cases. So the money you have started sending me a month has given me a ray of hope/light, otherwise until now I used to think and get disappointed and angry, that the Sikh nation helps the people who are hurt in the earthquakes or killed in protest marches (shaheeds) and don't take care of the Sikhs that are alive who are passing their youth in prisons, and have done something for the Chardi Kala of the Sikh Nation. So I thank you very much and for helping me and please take care of my family as well, I will be very grateful to you. I pray in-front of guru sahib that you live in high spirits and you will carry on helping the community and carrying on helping the needy families and you keep getting blessings from those needy families.

If I have written anything wrong, please consider me your younger brother and forgive me.

Days will pass and I rest by thinking that it's Guru Ji's wish. My wife was given a job, but because no one was there to look after my children, my wife had to stop her job.

If I ever get the chance again, we will share our happiness and our sadness together.

Your younger brother and Guru's Nations servant.

Ravinder Singh Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh