Bhai Parminder Singh

Ik Onkar Sat Gurparsad

To the supporters of the imprisoned Sikhs and to the organisations made by these Sikhs, the Sikh organisations of Prisoners Welfare please accept our Fateh.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

First of all I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for donating from your hard earned money, even though you live so far away from us. You are helping the imprisoned Singh's in Punjab, Hariana and other states to fight their cases. Helping them through your donations for their necessities, you have taken the responsibility to help them as they did not have this support before. May God always bless you with high spirits (Chardi Kala) and wealth to continue this seva.

My name is Parminder Singh son of Sardar Gurdeep Singh who is the son of Sardar Balwant Singh.

I was working as a manager in Mandi Gobind Gargh in an Iron factory making iron rods. I am an Amritdhari Singh. Through my working in the mill and other part time work my monthly earnings were 18- 20,000 with guru sahibs blessings. My family consists of my younger brother, mother and father, my mother and father are also Amritdhari. My mother is the secretary of the Sukhmani Society who preach Sikhism arranging programs in Amloh city. After work at the factory I used to teach the youth how to tie a turban and teach Gatka classes. With the help of one of my friends I used to display items related to Sikhism; most of them were pictures. I used to show these displays in Amloh Mandi Gobind Gargh and the nearby village Gurdwara's every Saturday and Sundays. The items displayed included pictures of historical Gurdwara's, coins, Gursahibs shoes and clothes, pictures related to Maharaja Ranjit Singh's rule and also pictures of the 1984 massacres and pictures related to the struggle of Sikhs between 1984 - 1992/3. I would also talk to the boys of the youth about the dangers of taking drugs, Gursahibs teachings and to bring back those who had cut their hair under the influence of western culture I talked to them with love and with examples and reasons. I used to preach on TV and by display Gatka on a moving motorcycle which was frequently shown on Punjabi TV channels. With Gursahibs blessing I was attracting the youth to Sikhi through parchar (preaching). On the Gurdwara Sahib stages I frequently gave lectures that influenced the hearts of the youth, they were attracted to Sikhism and thought of this as my duty and the true sewa. Perhaps all this parchar of mine was considered to be dangerous to the Hindustan Brahmans that think that all Amritdhari Singh's are their enemies.

One day in December 2007 there were a lot of police that came in their cars. While I was doing my factory work in the shops, about 10-15 men abducted me and threw me in a waiting vehicle. After passing many cities and several hours later I was taken to an unknown place, they handcuffed my hands and my feet and put me in a room where there was no ventilator and they switched off the light it was pure darkness. A few hours later some black, heavy and tall men in civil clothes in the CIA staff came to see me that I had not seen before. Without asking any questions they started to beat me up and removed all my clothes. It was the month of December and very cold. They then began to beat me without any pity with canes, whilst I could hear the same thing happening in the next room. In the same way they were swearing at them in the next room aloud as they were with me. This was happening everyday and they captured us illegally and beat us. Sometimes they pulled our legs apart, gave us electric shocks or sometimes they hung us, as well as pulling my legs apart they used a log (infamous torture method) to torture me. After beating me every day they left me broken, destroying me.

I had utmost faith in Guru Sahib that whatever Gursahib accepts was going to happen. One thing that I did not understand was that while there (Ravalpinde), they brought us in front of the media on 13th December 2007 and said that they have caught dangerous terrorists last night from a barricade who were trying to escape after seeing us. They said to the media that those caught had a lot of explosives and had targeted many VIP's and mentioning that on the hit list was Saad Bhanere wala, Sirse wala. This press release was given by the top police officers who were speaking lies. They picked us up from Mandi Gobind Gargh, and they were showing in the media that it was from somewhere else. It means that these police men have been following the old methods which were followed from 1984 - 1992/3. At that time they were determined to kill the Sikh youth in fake encounters the difference now is that they are imprisoning Sikhs on false, fabricated cases. Whatever Sikh youth has a love/ feelings for Sikhism and comes into the view of the police were imprisoned. There aren't any Sikh organisations that can raise the voice against what is happening now. The officers themselves have said to me that "because of your kind of people our jobs and titles exist". Those officers who have put fabricated these cases against us have been promoted and have received bonus of going to foreign countries (on tour) by the government. That is the reason why these officers are doing this (for promotion, bonuses and touring foreign countries.) Fake praises and the thirst to get medals have made the Sikh officers forget that they are Sikhs and that they are determined in finishing the Sikh youth. When they kept us in the CIA staff, the food they were giving us tasted of the Langar given at the Gurdwara, which was in front of the CIA staff after asking we were told that this is the Langar from the Gurdwara and they admitted that they bring it especially for them. But no this was a lie, this was their daily work and everyone in the police station ate from the Gurdwara. They were all eating from the Langar at the Gurdwara but they were hunting the Sikh youth who had a love for Guru Sahib. How can we blame them when our own Panthic leaders are emptying the moneybox? By seeing them doing all this, they are only just started eating the Langar. The police officers have come to me and said that: "because of people like you (the ones who had courage/ bravery) we have bullet proof jackets. If the Sikh movement had not started the police force would never have these facilities. We used to wear shorts and travel on bicycles and we walked with sticks in our hands like we were grazing buffalos in the police stations. We don't know if the Sikh struggle/ movement have given the Sikhs anything but it has given us lots; the best weapons like the freedom fighters, we have jeeps and big pay packets".

So Khalsa Ji this is story is of one police station but whichever police station that we have been kept in they all have a similar story for example; Amritsar Mal Mandi, Phagwara, Ludhiana, etc.. In those days the police had abducted 17-18 boys that I knew and they were kept in CIA staff. After my enquiry those boys were released after giving bribes and this is another way they make money. There are many other methods that I have seen in Amritsar Mal Made police Station and other police stations use to make money. In reality, of 5-20kg of the drugs (pheem, smack and heroin) the police seize they police only show 1-2kg and sell the rest on. The drugs smugglers are working together with the police, and I do not doubt and am sure that they are the real cats and we do usually read their names in the newspapers. The police have taught the cats an easy way of making money by smuggling and with this money they do all the legal and illegal work. There is one incident that has stayed in my heart and my mind, and I can clearly remember reading in books that they took Sikh girls in front of their parents and the girl's brothers they disrespected and kept the girls naked in the prison cells. This was all the work of the police officers.

This incident is not CIA but is the JIC Amritsar Mal Mandi, there they had brought a young man and woman saying that they had drugs on them, but this was untrue and was said to pacify their relatives for having picked up a newly wedded couple and keeping them for 15-20 days. Every day they kept the man's wife naked in the police station while the police officers spoke ill of her and this was all happening because of a female officer. One lady was doing unjust cruelty to another woman and the woman's husband could hear her cry in the next room and was banging his head on the wall and wondering what kind of hell he was trapped in. All this kept on happening. We don't know when all of this will stop in the police stations. We have faith in Guru Sahib and we have been in jail for 2 years and we wake up in the morning and do Paath. Then we are released out of the cell and at 7am we go to the Gurdwara and then we do a little bit of exercise. We are then closed in the cells at 12pm and then released at 3pm and then again 6pm they lock us up again and this take place again and again every day. Sometimes locked up sometimes in the open is this jail or is this a game? This is being played by the cruel government on the Sikhs.

From my house they took my computer, religious books, DVD player, and writing about them cannot be finished and no one can write all the bad deeds of the police as there are too many.

Please give me permission.

You put your effort to help us and once again I thank you.

Parminder Singh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh