Bhai Navtej Singh Guggu

Bhai Navtej Singh Guggu resident of Dharmpura Colony, Batala, District Gurdaspur 6 months ago Navtej Singh battered BJP leader Naresh Mahajan. He is a living Sikh martyr and his name will be written in the list of Great Sikh Martyrs.

What prompted them to do Ajit Poohla kaand?

A book by Baljit Singh Khalsa, editor of Fatehnama, named "Hindustani Attwaad" was recovered from the jail. This book mentions many of the Phoola's misdeeds and atrocities carried out upon Sikh families, such as that of Shaheed Bhai Balwinder Singh Jattana Babbar.

Phoola and his armed brigade raided the house of Jattana in the wee hours of August 29th, 1991, and burnt alive four women, Jasmer Kaur (chachi), Dawarki Kaur (grandmother), Manpreet Kaur (a class VII student) and Harsimranjit Kaur, a six-year-old handicapped girl.

In what was probably no co-incidence Phoola's death came exactly 17 years to the day that Phoola and his gang committed this inhumane act. He died in the exact same manner as had his victims, no doubt screaming as had his victims.

How it happened

Picture of Navtej Singh, before re-keeping kes and after it. As Harchand Singh doused Ajit Phoola with petrol removed from the prison generator, Navtej Singh waiting with a scrap of cloth which he had already lit, threw it onto Phoola, setting him ablaze.

Current Situation

On August 28, the police had taken Navtej Singh Guggu and Bhai Harchand Singh in remand for 3 days. Normally they would have been presented in court on August 31, but they were presented a day earlier. Thus on the 30th of August Navtej Singh and Harchand Singh were presented in court.

In court, Navtej Singh stated that he has no regrets killing Ajit Phoola. Despite police attempts to intervene, both brave Sikhs, in front of the judge, were presented with siropas by Bhai Amrik Singh of Damdami Taksal, Ajnala who had somehow managed to be in court despite the last minute shift in their appearance. As Navtej Singh & Harchand Singh were being ushered back, slogans of "Dusht Phoola Murdabad" echoed outside the court.