Bhai Mohinder Singh Khalsa

Bhai Mohinder Singh was born in Balona/Assandh and is the only son of Sardar Shubeg Singh and Bibi Swaran Kaur. Bhai sahib has always been into Sikhi as his parents were Amritdhari Sikhs. Bhai sahib has also spent most of his life with sants.

When Ram Rahim acted as Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Bhai sahib made his mind up, that it's time for this paapi to pay for his actions. Not having enough money Bhai sahib sold his livelihood, from which he fed his family, he sold his truck, so he could buy explosives and get on the mission to finish Ram Rahim off.

Bhai sahib started planting bombs on roadsides that Ram Rahim would pass, but the paapi of lucha sauda would always change his route. Bhai sahib and his Jatha of another seven Sikhs got together and planned another way of finishing Ram Rahim.

Bhai sahib bought a 10-tyre truck which he bought for Rs 10lakh, Bhai sahib paid Rs 4lakh cash n rest he took on finance. Bhai sahib fitted explosives in the wheel of the truck. Bhai sahib was waiting GT Road on 2nd February 2008, and was well informed about whereabouts of Ram Rahim by the rest of the Jatha.

When Ram Rahim came onto GT Road, Bhai sahib along with Bhai Swaran Singh drove into the jeep which was carrying paapi Ram Rahim, n triggered the explosives. At the scene of explosion it was all smoky and Bhai sahib thought that he had killed the pakhandi baba of dera sirsa, straight after the explosion the chele(followers) of Ram Rahim attacked Bhai sahib and Bhai swaran singh, as they shouted BOLE SO NIHAL...

Both of the Jujharoo were going to get taken to the Dera Sirsa Committee,(Ram Rahims Court of Law) the chele hid both of Bhai sahibs in a jeep so they police would not be able to find them. The Haryana police immediately got the scene of destruction, and started searching all cars. They found Bhai sahibs in a jeep, n were all covered in blood. And both of the Jujharoo were taken into custody. As usual Bhai sahib has been extremely tortured for the last 2-3years.

Bhai sahib has been kept away from his family and was bailed for 5days 11th February 2011 till 15th February 2011, in this time das met him and took his side of the story to share with rest of the Sikhs around the world. Most of us don't know much about this brave Panthic soldier who sacrificed everything to do what no one has yet done.

Bhai Sahib's family:

Father - has been paralysed from hip down.
Mother - elderly women who can't support herself.
Singhni - has cancer, and her medicine costs Rs 6000 a month, but can't afford it.
Son - 13 yrs old, can't afford to go school, and is doing farming.

No one earns from this family as Bhai Mohinder Singh has been in jail. Now Bhai sahib has done a lot for the Panth but what have we done for Bhai Mohinder Singh? He has been held at the Karnal Jail, and he doesn't care what sentence he gets (max sentence of 10yrs) but we all have weaknesses, our families. We should take care of his family.

On 13th January 2011 a new case has been issued against Bhai sahib for missing the finance payments of the truck as he was jailed. Ram Rahim is pulling all strings to keep this lion in jail.

Also arrested and imprisoned in this case are:

1.Bhai Bakshish Singh
2.Bhai Jaswant Singh
3.Bhai Hushiar Singh
4.Bhai Swaran Singh
5.Bhai Gurinder Singh
6.Bhai Dhaminder Singh
7.Bibi Parveen Kaur

Bibi Parveen Kaur has been bailed since December 2010.

Waheguru Ji Ki Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh