Operation Shudi Karan 1984 - Systematic Rape of Sikh Girls

"Sikh women were also the target of the bloody thirsty Hindu Indian Security forces. Sikh women were ruthlessly tortured, not only physically but also mentally. They were used as tools to force the surrender of Sikh fighters who were their relatives and also as a means of humiliating families. When Sikh women were arrested with their husbands, the husbands were often forced to watch the rape of their wives. Rape was used as an interrogation tool.

Humiliation: A common form of torture used on Sikhs

The Indian Forces also began a program of "shudhee karan", which was a code name for the rape of Sikh women. They joked that the offspring of their rapes would change the genetic makeup of the Sikh community and they would kill the Resistance in this way. Many rape victims took their own lives, unable to live with the ongoing humiliation at the hands of the Indian police.

Its is very clear see the policy of the RSS Hindutva behind these operations."

Source:The Hindu Law System of Union State of India

What is also disturbing is this Operation Shudi Karan happened AFTER Operation Blue Star, so the argument of Sikh fighters occupying The Sikh Holy Temple justified the desecration of Sikh Holy Temple and civilian losses is futile. This was an operation pursued by Indian Army and Indian police, and was ordered by the Indian Government.