Shaheed Bhai Piara Singh Aaloarakh - Sikh Student Federation / Khalistan Commando Force


In the history of the Khalsa the significance of martyrdom is immense. Within Gurbani it is stated 'the Gurmukhs are celebrated in life and in death'. Out of great respect the name of Piara Singh and his religious wife Parpur Kaur are listed with the thousands of other warriors. Sardar Bhagwan Singh and Mata Pal kaur (mother and father of Piara singh) lived a life of great discipline and in line with the Sikh Rehit Maryada, their names will live forever within the Sikh Panth. A paath is started for this warrior and his wife's shaheedi every year near the village of 'Aaloarakh' in 'bhavanigaar'. During the bhog there are many people attending.

After passing the 10 grade in 'bhavanigaar' high school Piara Singh enrolled in ITI and PSU which was against the government. However from this roll Bhai Sahib did not fulfil his minds intentions and shortly then enrolled with the Sikh Student Federation (Bhai Daljeet Singh) and got together with the valiant warriors.

Bhai Sahib spent two years behind bars withstanding torture from Rajinderpal Soda in bhavanigaar in a police station called 'thainaath thanidaar'. After going through this torture Piara Singh became even more determined and until his last days, Bhai Sahib was a sewadar of KCF and Sikh Student Federation.

Piara Singh would travel to villages where he would find that particular households have received threatening letters from thugs to rob families. He would arrive there and intercept to stop the robbing taking place. He was totally against these criminal activities, and always had an AK47 on his shoulders when respectfully touching the feet of his respected elderly.

Upon meeting a friend, a friend said that the Khalsa have a lacking character where they take a capsule in difficult times and should not really do so and showing him an article said this is a trademark of the Tamil Tigers.

Before Bhai Sahib had enrolled in any party he was already engaged and did not wish to marry, but his Singhni advised that she will stick with him to the end (knowing what his intentions were), and they got married according to full Gurmat Maryada.

For his family every year on the 29 August his shaheedi is celebrated.