Shaheed Bhai Manjinder Singh alias Nanak Singh


Shaheed Manjinder Singh alias Nanak Singh Bhindranwala Tigers Force Khalistan(Sangha) was killed in a encounter with 4 other BTFK Singh's in thevillage Muse, district Tarn Taran on the 24th of June 1989. A Police informer told the SP Operations Avtar Singh Chhetra where 5 BTFK lions were hiding. Avtar Singh Chhetra said, "Its too dark now, I've got your report but its neve wise to put your and into a lions den, we wont be able to get out safely, its too risky, we will corner them when they are asleep early in the morning. Avtar Singh said that he had captured 2 big Khadku's Chirp Singh and Naher Singh and said he will take them with him in order to catch Sangha.

BTFK Singh's: Rashpal Singh Ghukh, Kulwant Singh Kanta, Kulwant Singh Kala from Kapurthala, Balwinder Singh Bhinda. Manjinder Singh and General Sukhwinder Singh Sangha who escaped the police dragnet. SP operations Avtar Singh chhetra was also killed in this fierce fire encounter lasting like major said 10 hours.