Manochahal Encounter

Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal had gone to meet his family and was to spend the night in a small hut in the fields when someone informed the police. Baba Ji and his brother Bhai Mahinder Singh were asleep when the police party surrounded the hut. The head of the police party knocked on the door and shouted for Baba Manochahal to surrender. Baba Manochahal knew that the situation was dire and decided to buy some time. He demanded that the village head (sarpanch) be summoned and only then would he come out.

The police brought the sarpanch and when the sarpanch went to speak with Baba Gurbachan Singh, he tried to explain that the hut was completely surrounded. The Police again demanded that Baba Ji open the door. The sarpanch was asked to stand aside. Baba Ji then yelled from inside, "Give me a flashlight!" The police were confused and asked "Why do you need it?" Baba jee replied, "We've locked the door from the inside and need it so we can see the lock!" The police passed a torch through the space under the door. Baba Ji and his brother armed their assault rifles and set them on "burst". Baba Ji threw open the door and began to fire. The CRPF officer at the door fell immediately and the others also came under fire. The Bihari officers began to run in all directions, screaming "Run! They're going to kill us!"

Baba Ji and his brother jumped over the officers who were still lying in position. A Punjab Police officer tried to tackle Baba Ji as he was running but also failed. Baba Ji had wreaked havoc on the police and escaped. One officer thought Baba Ji was chasing him and for kilometers ran in front of Baba Ji. Baba Gurbachan Singh did not harm the poor police officer and let him go.