Daheru Shootout

On November 19, 1981, 5 members of Babbar Khalsa and its chief Shaheed Jathedar Talwinder Singh Canadian were staying in a house of Bhai Amarjit Singh Nihang in Daheru village in Ludhiana district. A police party headed by Police Inspector Pritam Singh Bajwa came searching for them. The Babbar Khalsa members opened fire as a result Inspector Pritam Singh Bajwa and Constable Surat Singh were killed. All 6 escaped. Those 6 persons were Bhai Wadhawa Singh (present chief of Babbar Khalsa), Jathedar Talwinder Singh Canadian, Bhai Tarsem Singh Kalasinghian (currently in Netherlands), Bhai Amarjit Singh (Head Constable), Shaheed Bhai Sewa Singh (Head Constable) and Shaheed Bhai Gurnam Singh (Head Constable). Bhai Sewa Singh and Bhai Gurnam Singh, head constables, had later joined Bhindranwale and were martyred during Operation Blue Star. This is believed to be the first act which gained Babbar Khalsa and its chief Jathedar Talwinder Singh Parmar notoriety. Bhai Tarsem Singh Kalasinghian and Jathedar Talwinder Singh Canadian also later managed to escape from India, via Nepal border.